Akita’s data replication is an advanced cloud backup solution for physical or virtual servers. Ideal for disaster recover, it’s a useful safeguard against the impact of ransomware attacks.
data replication


Data replication is the creation of an image-based backup of an organisation’s server.

Rather than a backup of individual files, our solution creates a complete copy of your server, including all applications and even the operating system that runs on the server.

Our solution uses industry-leading software to provide a backup of both physical and virtual servers, which is then stored within Akita’s secure cloud infrastructure. We backup for up to 14 days’ of data which covers all files – even those that have been deleted during the backup period.

Data backups are stored in one of Akita’s highly-secure, ISO-compliant data centres, with the option to hold a further copy in another geographically-separate data centre should you require.

Our data replication service is therefore an ideal part of an organisation’s disaster recovery or business continuity plan.


Every organisation should back up its data, and any number of events can trigger the need to access backups.

Some of these events (notably ransomware attacks, hardware failure or natural disasters) can require the contents of a server to be completely reloaded, either onto the same or new hardware or into the cloud.

If an organisation is using a file backup (rather than an image-based backup), it can take as much as three days to simply reload a server’s operating systems and any relevant applications. This is before the server is then ready to receive the backed-up files. For most organisations, this is downtime they cannot afford.

In contrast, as data replication uses an image-based backup, the entire server can be reloaded to operate in the cloud within just a couple of hours. Businesses can be back up and running in no time, working as if nothing has happened. Meanwhile, if you choose to go back to a physical server, this can be prepared in the background with no impact on your work.

Should an organisation need to recover just a few files (as a result of deletion or file corruption), our data replication solution can facilitate this as well.

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